Why Turn


We provide you with the best interest rate we have available based on your situation and car purchase upon initial contact. No negotiating, no guesswork, simply the lowest interest rate straight away.

We understand you don’t have time to contact multiple lenders or brokers, check with your bank or with the car yard to find the best interest rate. That’s where we saw we could make a real difference. The answer? Give people the lowest interest rate we can access immediately.

Add to this the fact that we only have locally based, highly trained finance brokers with extensive knowledge of the car finance industry, access to market leading car financiers and the ability get you approved fast, there really is no better option than Turn Finance.

We are able to have you approved within hours of submitting your application, regardless of the lender we select and in most cases have you funds within 24 hours, meaning you get access to your new car, boat or even campervan, sooner.

Put us to the test today. Contact us on 13 TURN or find out what rate we can do for you online by following our simple application process here.