If you think you’re paying too much with your current car loan then the skillful team at Turn Finance can analyse your existing loan arrangement and potentially help save you money by refinancing.

How can we help?

Consumers don’t often negotiate the best deal when financing their motor vehicle and come to realise during the loan term that they could be doing better.

If you were negotiating finance for a mortgage you would research and seek out the best deal through a mortgage broker. Just like mortgage brokers, car finance brokers are here to give you the best outcome.

Benefits of refinancing through Turn:

  • We analyse your current loan against the offerings from our large panel of lenders to ensure we can offer the lowest rates possible.
  • Unlike fixed rates on mortgages you will often find that car loans have minimal break costs therefore making it easier for you to refinance bringing your repayments down and saving you money and interest.
  • You may also have opted to purchase insurance as part of your original loan set up and find you may no longer require the insurance which can often be rebatable once the original loan is paid out.
  • Novated leases are a loan product that can be convenient however the repayments can often be well above a consumer fixed rate car loan. Refinancing a novated lease can not only save you in interest but can bring your repayments down considerably.

How to apply?

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