2016 TOYOTA HILUX SR5 Review


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Safe, Reliable and Fun

13 May 2016, $55,990 + Driveaway

Image Courtesy of Caradvice.com.au

This car is suited to tradies, families and weekend warriors | 3.5 Seats

The Toyota HiLux has been a consistent player for over 20 years, as one of Australia's top-selling cars. This car is powerful, reliable and well-respected by Toyota lovers for numerous reasons. It's a 'tough workhorse,' great for towing and also a family-friendly car. Today we're taking a look under the hood of the new SR5 to see how it stacks up in terms of performance, styling and driveability.


Image Courtesy of Caradvice.com.au

The engine of the new Hilux has been downsized for the purpose of better fuel economy. Buyers will get 8.5 litres per 100km out of this workhorse. An old 3.0-litre unit has now been replaced with a 2.8 litre turbo diesel four-cylinder. When compared to its competitors the Prado, Fortuner Ranger and Colorado, the HiLux is fairly equal. While this version is heavy at 2075kg,  the Hilux’s new engine effortlessly shifts that weight and does so quietly. Fuel economy still does fall short of competitors Navara, Triton, Amarok and D-Max though.

If you are lover of towing caravans or trailers, you’ll be happy to hear that the new Hilux’s braked towing capacity is more superior than its predecessor.  

Though reviewers over at CarsAdvice do report it as being  the ‘slowest in the pack.’  The SR5 does offer an 80-litre fuel tank too, which is equal to the class-leaders. Payload is also less - measuring just 925kg. Other competitors all offer a capacity of over one tonne.

This Hilux handles well with tidy cornering and accurate steering. This is a plus for ‘weekend warriors’ and ‘family’ buyers who are looking for a composed drive.

If you are a four-wheel drive aficionado you’ll love the SR5. The diff locks, hill descent and low range gearbox make the SR5 a serious contender for serial 4x4 drivers. You won’t “get stuck” in this car.

“If you are a four-wheel drive aficionado you’ll love the SR5. The diff locks, hill descent and low range gearbox make the SR5 a serious contender for serial 4x4 drivers.”

Exterior Styling

The new 2016 Toyota Hilux SR5 is better looking and bigger than previous models. A refreshed exterior gives this vehicle a look of greater masculinity on the road. There’s a two-wheel drive model, which affords buyers a bigger car without having to take out the four-wheel drive package.

Image Courtesy of caradvice.com.au

If you drive at night, you’ll love the new LED headlights, which are excellent. Their power affords drivers a long range and beam for lighting up dark remote locations at night.

If you are a city driver you might struggle with the SR5. This car is large and the steering is heavy compared to other city-oriented alternatives. Though, the reverse camera affords drivers good quality guidance with markings in line with the tow bar.

The Hilux is a large car. It is 5330mm long, 1855mm wide is 1815mm high. Despite this, there’s a lack of rear space. This is because of a shorter wheelbase at 3085mm. This is shorter than all competitors except the Triton.

Interior Styling / Tech

You won’t be disappointed with the new styling inside the new Hilux, compared to the old version. Features include a 7.0 floating touchscreen, chunky steering wheel, clear gauges and excellent Bluetooth phone pairing and clarity. The navigation software is plain but does the job and is user-friendly. CarAdvice did report that the ‘off-road’ dial can hit your left knee and there’s a “sharp-edge corner” on the upper glovebox cover. They also report that the Ranger and Amarok rival the SR5 in terms of feeling more ‘intuitive’ to the driver and more ‘spacious.’ The SR5 does beat the Triton for space.

The Hilux makes up for some of its misgivings with its airbags and leads its class for this feature. There are full curtain airbags for both rows of seats, meaning there are seven airbags in total.

Image Source: behindthewheel.com.au


The all-new 2016 Toyota Hilux SR5 is tough contender. It’s masculine and it sports comfortable features for a wide-range of buyers. If you love a large workhorse, you might want to take the SR5 for a test drive.

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  • Make and model: Toyota Hilux SR5
  • Engine type: 3956cc six-cylinder petrol engine in a V configuration
  • Power:  175kW @ 5200rpm
  • Torque: 376Nm @ 3800rpm
  • Transmission: six-speed automatic, four-wheel drive
  • Fuel consumption: 12 litres (combined)
  • Dimensions: 5330mm long, 1855mm wide, 1815mm high and 3085mm wheelbase
  • Weight: 2000kg
  • Steering: Electrically assisted Rack and pinion
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • Price: $55,990