2016 Holden Commodore VFII SSV Redline Review


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According to reviewers, it’s the end of an era for Holden building cars “in Australia for Australians” and they are taking customers out with a bang. Enter the new 2016 Holden Commodore VF11 SSV series, which has under its hood one of the most fast and powerful engine’s in Holden’s history.

According to Holden, never before has a Commodore “been so aware of its surroundings; and so in tune with the driver.” Holden is warmly inviting customers to experience the “sheer adrenaline” of taking a seat in the new Commodore VFII sporting a new 6.2L LS3 engine on V8 models.

Read on to discover more about Holden’s latest release, the 2016 Holden Commodore VF11 SSV Redline.

Quick Overview

·      6.2L LS3 V8: The most powerful engine in Holden’s history

·      Price:$53,990 (plus on-road costs)

·      On-sale:Now

·      Availability:SS, SS V-Series, SSV Redline, Calais V-Series (Optional)

·      Power:304kW@6000rpm#

·      Torque:570Nm@4400rpm#

·      Transmissions:6-Speed Manual Transmission / or 6-Speed Automatic With Active Select

·      Fuel Use:12.9L/100km

Our Rating

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Pricing & Features | 2016

·       Commodore VFII Sedan: SSV Redline, V8 Man / Auto $53,990 / $56,190

·       Commodore VFII Sportwagon: SSV Redline, V8 Auto $58,190

·       VFII Ute: SSV Redline, V8 Man / Auto $50,490 / $52,690

·       Optional performance brakes and 20 inch wheels

Note: Performance brakes (V8s only) $350 amd 20 inch forged alloy wheels (redline only) $1,500

New Features to the Commodore VFII Redline

·       6.2 litre LS3 V8 engine

·       Bi-modal exhaust with mechanical sound enhancer

·       Rear Brembo brakes

·       New front fascia and grille

·       Hood vents

·       Clear lens on tail lamps (sedan only)

·       New 20 inch forged wheel option

·       New LED tail lamp (Sportwagon only)

Source: Practical Motoring

Image credit: Practical Motoring

Leading reviews

Review | Car Advice

Car advice noted the following positive features of the new 2016 Holden Commodore VF11 SSV Redline

·       Epic 6.2-litre V8 is a massive jump over its predecessor

·       Great gearbox with quick paddleshifters

·       Superb handling

·       Truly comfortable for touring

·       Excellent value for money

·       More affordable six-speed manual model, or the six-speed automatic version.

·       44kW and 53Nm more than the old automatic

·       Just $56,190 plus on-road costs – only $1500 more than previous

·       Performance car “bargain of the year”

·       Upgraded FE3 suspension including stiffer anti-roll bars, lighter suspension components and unique dampers for better control and drive performance

·       Brilliant chassis balance and good levels of rear-end grip

·       Excellent stability control system for ‘competitive’ mode track driving (traction)

·       Steering offers a ‘great feel’ to drivers hands

·       Effective Brembo four-piston brakes in front and rear

·       Very likeable in sedate driving circumstances in full automatic mode

·       Quieter exhaust in auto mode

·       Rides beautifully for a ‘full-fat’ sports sedan especially on highways

·       Deals well with sharp bumps around town

·       Remains roomy, comfortable with a contemporary cabin

·       New sunroof is standard

·       Extensive safety feature list remains unchanged

·       Standard features including head-up display, forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, rain-sensing wipers, reverse-view camera, parking sensors and semi-automatic parking system

·       Five-star crash rating including six airbags

·       Lifetime capped-price servicing program at $251 for first five years

·       Three-year 100,000km warranty and 12-months roadside assitance


·       Some ergonomic issues remain, including bulky A-pillars and small side mirrors

·       Media system starting to show its age

·       Better brake pedal feel would be appreciated

·       Steering can be weighty over the front axle

·       Pedal can lose feel in hot-weather, heavy pressure applications

·       Nothing much has changed in the interior of preceding VF11 Redline model

·       Ageing MyLink media system with cumbersome Bluetooth and radio reception

·       Bulky A-pillars and small side mirrors


Summary – Quote of review from Car Advice

“The Holden Commodore VFII SS V Redline brings with it some serious muscle, at a time when the brand’s most loyal fans will be readying themselves for the demise of the locally-made large car. Forget that it’s a four-door sedan. This is a seriously good sports car, and it’s a bang-for-your-buck bargain too.”


Car Advice Rating: 9/10

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Review | Drive.com.au

According to Drive there’s plenty to celebrate in the new Holden VF11 Redline. This model is Holden’s final chapter in the Holden Commodore 37-year story is more than just the fastest and most powerful. As Holden prepares to ‘sign off’ on building cars for Australians in Australia – the new LS3 engine is a “fast and powerful” full stop to “what was once” Australia’s favourite car.

Here’s a list of all the great features in the new 2016 Holden Commodore VF11 SSV Redline:


·       6.0-litre L77 that produced 260kW/517Nm in automatic guise

·       Cylinder on demand technology or 270kW and 530Nm (without Holden's AFM system) when hooked-up to the six-speed manual

·       Increased power to 304kW at 6000 

·       Increased torque to 570Nm across a wider band of revs with both transmission options

·       Higher 6600rpm rev limit (600rpm higher than the 6.0-litre

·       Bi-modal exhaust that bypasses part of the rear muffler for a straight-through escape path that unlocks the V8's natural note

·       Sound amplification using a sound tube that directly plumbs the intake acoustics into the firewall of the cabin on the driver's side and a clever (now patented) ‘Baillie Tip’ that has a hole within a section of the tailpipe - like a whistle - that is covered by a separate sleeve to reverberate the exhaust note back towards - rather than away from - the car.

·       Combination of grunt and noise

·       LS3 feels fatter lower in the rev range and spins quicker all the way to its higher ceiling.

·       More useable around town

·       More effortless at cruising speeds 

·       Faster and more engaging when driven enthusiastically

·       Bi-modal exhaust on “off” is subdued, refined and quiet enough not to wake the neighbours while still emitting a traditional V8 burble.

·       When on - it opens it lungs and “sounds like a real V8 should”

·       A redesigned front bumper allows hot air to escape easier and lowers wind resistance

·       A subtle change to the rear suspension improve ride comfort, holding on the road without compromising bump absorption too much

·       Impressive traction and sharper overall dynamics on staggered width 19-inch allows

·       ESP in its Sport setting which allows a degree of rear-end slip

·       With electronic safety nets disengaged on a race track can do “lurid, and progressive tail slides.”


Steering is still a little show and heavy when cornering (but will balance on throttle due to the powerful engine)

In Summary – Quote from Drive.com.au

“The Holden Commodore VF11 SSV Redline isn't trying to be a car for every man anymore, but rather a car for every red-blooded man. This is a car that genuinely tugs at the heart strings of Holden's faithful heartland. It's a fitting farewell for a local legend that we will never see the likes of again.”

Rating: Not rated yet

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